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February 25, 2013
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MMD IBRS OVA Digitrevx Ver2.5 (Discontinued) by Digitrevx MMD IBRS OVA Digitrevx Ver2.5 (Discontinued) by Digitrevx
Hi all thank you for all the downloads for IBRS! Since this model I've created a updated version. Its a little silly to have two versions coming from me so I decided to not host the old one anymore. The new one can be found here!:…

Old Release notes:
This is the OVA Television series version of Insane Black Rock Shooter. About 100 hours of work has gone into this model from the ground up meaning besides M2gzb's rig, zero existing art was borrowed for her. She is much more polished then poor Mirai and have run dozens of mo-data through her for testing.

Both formats included in zip: Pmx and Pmd

Version History:
v1.0 Original release
v2.0 Improved weighting, head proportions tweaked, Angry eye expression added to regular lit versions.
v2.1 Improved hair bangs weighting between eyes, moved bones for eyes so they are less likely to go too far left right or up down!
v2.5 GunBlade slider added to IBRS model. Spa reflection texture added to hair and armor on pmx file. Jaw proportions tweaked!

Character Design by: Yuusuke Matsuo

**I don't want to be one of those modelers that have dozens of retarded rules. In fact I want to set a example for people that make edits, then list a dozen rules and expectations that are just unreasonable. This is play time for me and I have nothing to prove if you know what I mean. However I have two favors. Please don't take credit for my work. Its a basic moral request. and please link downloads to this page for update reasons because I do find bugs and fix them here. That's all! :D

**If you want to mod, its A-ok. If its a quality improvement let me know and I'll update the download. :)

Image from my mmd video…
Excuse the little bugs in the vid, at that point I just wanted to get the video uploaded and model released instead of shooting for a Oscar xD
Video info: Stage created from scratch as well. Lotion shader used. I don't take credit for Mo-data's used.

Lastly thank you for all kind comments, its definitely inspiration to crank the volume another notch for the next one!
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where is the download????????
Digitrevx Mar 22, 2014  Professional Artist
I stopped hosting it since a new version is out. Its mentioned at the very top of the description as well as the 2 post above you I mentioned it again. ><

The new version is improved but the face has changed.
this model looks amazing :D
MMDVEVO Feb 1, 2014  New member Professional
where is the download
Digitrevx Feb 1, 2014  Professional Artist
I'm soz this old version I took down when the new version went up. I should probably update the info.. The new one is here ^^…
Miiinou Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
may i have the dl? great model btw ^.^
Neoka3 Dec 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I not see where download this model -_- Help please.
Digitrevx Dec 28, 2013  Professional Artist
I'm sorry but I've stopped her download. There is a updated IBRS that is much cleaner found here…
Neoka3 Dec 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
More thanks.
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